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MCID™ Analysis has been designed to provide an image analysis software solution for offline analysis of images. MCID™ Analysis is ideal for the analysis of images where image capture is not required such as with phosphor imagers or to compliment existing capture systems. Many of the MCID™ Core functionality is included but we have removed the acquisition, capture and hardware control functionality. MCID™ Analysis is also available in a Server edition offering a cost effective solution to provide image analysis functionality to multiple users by using a concurrent user licensing system.

Applications available include:


Autoradiography image example
General Densitometry
The MCID™ Densitometry System has served thousands of scientists for over 15 years. The system includes calibrations and corrections which are easily applied to yield precise quantitative and semiquantitative data.
MCID Fluorescence Image example
Fluorescence microscopy
Analyze and manipulate fluorescence images with ease. Measure label intensity, combine discrete fluors, use for co-localization and clarify using digital deconvolution. Import your images either in MCID (*.IM) or standard TIFF format (color or monochrome).
MCID Gel Documentation example
Gel/blot analysis
Annotates, archives, prints and quantifies images of your gels and blots. Use MCID™ as a simple archival system or take advantage of the extensive list of analysis functions. Import your images from scanners, phosphor imagers or gel readers.
MCID Stereology & 3D Optical Fractionator example
The MCID™ Analysis Stereology applies commonly used stereological measures including volume, surface area, length and counts to your images. For optical franctionator functionality MCID Core is required as the system must control the microscope stage and focus drive.
MCID Fluorescence Image example

Grain, Cell & General Target Counting
MCID™'s thresholding facility allows the user to threshold valid targets and apply morphological criteria, pass or reject objects for analysis based on many criteria such as size and shape. The threshold can than be applied to parts of the image or all of image as the user sees fit. Coupling thresholding and our AutoScan A & B tools users can remove the need to manually trace regions of interest


MCID™ Analysis offers a powerful suite of image analysis tools and applications for the offline analysis of images, many of the analysis features of MCID™ Core are made available but with the acquisition, capture and hardware functionality removed. MCID™ Analysis is perfect to compliment existing MCID™ Core or other imaging system solutions.

Applications available include:


Autoradiography, Receptor Binding, Glucose Untilization & Regional Blood Flow
Grain & Cell Counting
Fluorescence Microscopy
Gel / Blot Analysis
Stereology - (without Optical Fractionator)

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