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Northern Light Illuminator

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Northern Light Precision Illuminator

The NL2 Transilluminator provides flicker free, fully adjustable illumination levels with precise regulation for a highly stable and reproducible light source.

It's primary design was for Densitometry applications such as Autoradiography and Gels analysis.
Northern Light Illuminator
Features of the NL2 unit include:
  • High output DC powered lamps provide up to 100watts of fluorescent lighting
  • Ultra stable and reproducible lighting controlled by a precision colour corrected photo detector in a feedback circuit and a constant temperature ventilation system. The precision voltage reference, photo detector and lamps are temperature regulated to provide for maximum lamp stability and effeciency.
  • 3.5 digit display indicator for readout of set point as sampled from the photo detector feed back circuit.
  • A micro controller supports the analogue to digital converters providing an indication of lamp status and enable over current protection. it also supports diagnostic and service codes.
  • Robust, welded aluminium chassis with stainless bezel and mitered diffuser supported glass frame.



Northern Light Specifications

Variable Light Control Solid State using 10 turn control to cover range from 5% to 100%
Lamp Type fixed LED cluster Array
Regulation 0.05% for +/- 20% line voltage limits
Construction Aluminium Chassis
Operating Temperature 10 Deg C to 30 Deg C
Dimensions 520mm(L) x 370mm(W) x 140mm(H)
Weight 5.5 kg
Warranty 1 year return to base

Densitometry Tip

When looking for a desktop illuminator to use for densitometry measurements it is important to check the stability of the lightbox (ie, how much the intensity fluctuates)

Remember if your light source fluctuates 10% so do your measurements!

Our illuminators are tested for stability over a 12 hour period to ensure the fluctuation is within the limits we set. 
Our Macro Accessory kit provides all the necessary accessories need for densitometry applications.
◾Camera Stand
◾Northern Light Desktop Illuminator
◾50mm f2.8 lens (other lenses also available)
◾Density Step Wedge
◾Calibration Reticule

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