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Motorised Microscope Stages

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ProScan™II Motorized Stage System

ProScan™II is ideally suited to the most demanding imaging applications. A modular design means that systems are easily configured for any combination of stage, focus, filter wheel and shutter options. System performance and reliability are second to none. Furthermore, Prior's flexible, problem solving approach is why the world's leading microscope companies and imaging software manufacturers choose ProScan™II.

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Prior ProScan stage system#

Ludl Electronic Products Ltd BioPrecision Stages

BioPrecision2 stages are the ‘standard’ for precision microscope motorized stages. With features and options normally found only on large format measuring stages the BioPrecsion2 stages are the best choices for any application. Precision recirculating ball leadscrews provide low friction, high accuracy and long life. Hardened and ground crossed roller guide ways provide straight and flat travel. Encoder options are available for rotary and linear encoders.

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Ludl bioprecision stages

Märzhäuser Wezlar Precision Motorised Stages

Märzhäuser’s motor-driven stages (scanning stages), available for all common micro-
scopes, excel in their high precision and smooth running. High-precision cross-roller bearings, minimum production tolerances and a special permanent lubrication system guarantee that the stages’ specifications are retained even after long use. Depending on
the application, stages can be provided for reflected or transmitted light. On request, travel ranges up to 600 x 600 mm are possible.

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Märzhäuser Precision Stages

OASIS-4i Four Axis Controller

The Objective Imaging OASIS-4i controller is a PCI compliant plug-and-play board that provides control of up to four micro-stepping motors. This allows precise movement of XY stages and focus mechanisms (the Z axis), and the fourth axis controller allows for automation of extra peripheral devices such as filter wheels.

OASIS-4i is a complete, self-contained solution. No additional power supplies are required--just install the board into a Windows PC, connect the appropriate cables and you are ready to move XY stages, focus motors, and other peripheral devices.

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OASIS4i PCI controller

PIFOC® Objective Scanner Systems

Faster with Piezo Z-Scanners PIFOC® piezo-actuated Z-scanners achieve typically 10 times higher focusing speed & precision than motorized drives and thus provide higher-quality images faster. Scanning the Objective The compact, light and stiff objective scanner design provides very fast response and does not disturb the sample. Compatible with All Major Image Acquisition Packages PIFOC® controllers come with a high-bandwidth analog interface for extremely fast response and compatibility with all major image acquisition packages.

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PIFOC Objective Scanner#]

Motorised Stage Support

Prior ProScan II Stage System from Prior Scientific & PriorUK

Ludl LEP Stage System from Ludl Electronic Products

Märzhäuser Stage System

from Märzhäuser

PIFOC Piezo objective motor
from Physik Instrumente (PI)

OASIS4i Stage Controller
from objective imaging.
This PCI based stage controller lets MCID control most motorised stage solutions from the above manufacturers and other manufacturers.

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