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Macro Accessory Package

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Macro Accessory Package (MAP)

The Macro Accessory Package (MAP) is a specialized set of components for imaging autoradiographic film, stained protein gels, and other large, translucent specimens. Components include:
  • Northern Light desktop illuminator - Precision white light illuminator with adjustable intensity output. Proprietary circuitry provides unparalleled temporal stability.
  • Kaiser RS1 copy stand - Provides stable, level support for the Northern Light illuminator and camera. The camera support column allows the camera to be positioned above the illuminator at varying heights.
  • Sigma 50 mm f2.8 lens - A fine, sharp lens. Ideal for autoradiography of brain sections up to 6 cm across. Also suitable for Gels, other lenses are also available for larger gels which give a wider viewing angle.
  • Density step wedge - Optical density standards for semi-quantitative densitometric applications.
  • Calibration reticule - Area and distance standards for spatial calibrations.
  • F-C Video adapter - For attaching the Sigma 50mm lens to video or digital cameras.

    * Extension tube sets and additional lenses are available as optional items.

    All the above items are also available individually.

Densitometry Tip!

When looking for a desktop illuminator to use for densitometry measurements it is important to check the stability of the lightbox (ie, how much the intensity fluctuates)

Remember if your light source fluctuates 10% so do your measurements!

Our illuminators are tested for stability over a 12 hour period to ensure the fluctuation is within the limits we set.

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